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Dubai is not anonymous to anyone. Though four-fifth of the country is covered in desert yet it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its awestruck beauty. Famous for its buildings and architecture, the country is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is famous for its modern Arab architecture but over the past decade Dubai has developed itself into one of the most prominent education hub. Though the country can be quite expensive but the quality of education is unmatched.

The educational system in Dubai comprises of a variety of academic institutions - Schools, Colleges and Universities. There are several training institutes offering professional qualification and training programmes in various fields. There are a few governmental universities and colleges in Dubai where admission is restricted to national citizens only.

For international students, Dubai has come up with International Branch Campuses (IBCs) at private institutions where enrollment is open to any student who meets the admission requirements. Programmes may vary from academic, technical, and professional degree programs in various disciplines, preparing students for careers in research and professional practice in every field. The country has more than 25 International Branch Campuses representing 13 different national curriculums of Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses offered through the education hub in Dubai. International Students can work part time for 20 hours a week in free zone areas after getting permission from their respective universities

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