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For cheese lovers France is the ultimate destination. French art and architecture has inspired many art lovers world over. The country is rich and warm and embraces strangers with open arms. French is the third most spoken language in European Union and is most popular choice among students as foreign language. The country stands for fourth as the top preference for students to pursue higher education. The country welcomes almost 278,000 students each year.

The country homes around 3500 public and private institutions which includes 83 Universities and equivalent institutions, 224 schools of Engineering, 220 schools of Business and Management, 120 schools of Art, 20 schools of Architecture and 3000 other schools and institutions.

France government make huge investment in education and research with more than 20% of its budget dedicated to Education. With government being all supportive there seems no question as to why France should not be a choice to pack your bags. The country holds a major stand in the field of Mathematics and Sciences which includes subjects like Mathematics, Astrophysics, Biology, Medicine, Genetics and Physics. The country also boasts of prominent art and language colleges which one can opt for. Every year students go to France in order to pursue MBA, IT, Engineering and Art & Design.

In the Information Technology sector, France ranks second in Europe and fourth in the world. France is in the forefront of technological progress in several fields. France is responsible for the monitoring and technical management of the European space program Ariane, the operational launcher of several dozen communications and observation satellites.

The higher education in France is popular for its openness and accessibility. Hence, a foreign student can never feel away from home. No distinction or discrimination is witnessed between French and international students.

As a student this can be the place of ideal experience of a ‘Student Life’ with various extracurricular activities to indulge in like athletic, touristic and cultural activities. And to coddle you in the divineness of it culture the museums, libraries, cinemas, theatres and cafes are all nearby most universities.

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