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Chinese Art and Culture has both mystified and bewildered people around the world from many decades. Being one of the world’s oldest civilizations the unique and exceptional culture has fascinates scholars and travelers from ages. 
China though is famous for having excellence in sports and Martial Arts and there are many people who have visited China to learn this art form. But with time and globalization percolating in the lanes of China, the country opened its gate for international students as well. With affordable education the country also offered immaculate quality while providing education in almost every field.
Students who are interested in the field of Arts can learn a lot from the country which is rich in terms of Art and Culture. China is famous for its nature paintings and for its porcelain art. Not only that, Chinese Music and opera has also enchanted everyone from many years. Also, Chinese theatre/acting is also quite popular.
A country so rich in Art and Culture is the perfect place to pursue ones study in the field of Arts. Universities and Institutions in China offer courses both in Visual/Fine Arts and Performing Arts at degree and non-degree level. 

Visual/Fine Arts 

  • Painting: Chinese painting is influenced by nature usually. A student opting for a course in painting will get to learn a lot in China. From Figure Painting to Bird and Flower Painting to Landscape Painting and Oil Painting to Print Making. 
  • Ceramics: Chinese Porcelain is famous world over. In fact today China is used as a synonym for porcelain. The remarkable design which the porcelain artifacts from China carry depicts the creativity of Chinese. A student interested in studying the Art can opt to go to China.
  • Sculpture: Chinese sculptures have fascinated historians, world over. Most of the sculptures believed to have legends behind them. But the art is unblemished; students interested in Chinese sculpture can go for studies in the country.
The country also offers various other courses like Modern Art and Curatorial Study, Visual Culture and Curatorial Study, Art History and Theory, Visual Culture, Archaeology and Museology, Graphic Design, Art Education and many more other specialisations.

Performing Arts

  • Music: Chinese music unlike all the other styles of music in the world has a distinct symphony to it. Chinese instruments and the style of music is unique and also belongs to ancient culture. The enchanting work is popular in the form of Chinese opera which is quite popular. A course in Music would offer students specialisations in Orchestra Conductor, Chorus Conductor, Musicology, Music and Arts Management, Music Education and many more.
  • Dance: Just like other art forms Chinese dance also is close to its culture and tradition. A student can learn various Chinese dance forms of China while studying there. 
  • Acting/Drama/Theatre: Chinese movies is a rage world over and for a person aspiring to become an actor China is one of the best places to be with its affordable education and world class institutes. 

How to apply to a college offering Arts in China

Each programme at any Chinese university has its own requirements for entry. Here are some general requirements that you need to have in order to apply to a university in China. 
  • A high school diploma or senior secondary education certificate.
  • Chinese-medium degree programmess (i.e. degree programs taught in Mandarin Chinese) require the applicant to provide HSK results to prove their Chinese language proficiency, if required. 
  • Applicants for Master's degrees also need to provide a copy of transcripts and recommendation letters.
  • English-medium programs do not require HSK results. Instead, applicants for English-medium programmes should provide recognised English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS


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