Arts in Dubai

Study Arts in Dubai

Dubai, the city of Minars and celebrations is a feast for anyone who spends his/her day there. Though surrounded with dessert, the city has developed itself into one of the most prominent tourist places in the world. It’s festivals, architecture and the extravagant lifestyle it offers is what attracts people to the city of verve. 
Being a major tourist destination, Dubai has evolved itself into an Art and Cultural hub as well. With grand exhibition centres and enthralling performances to offer, this city has it all. Though, Dubai can be a little heavy on pocket but for the ones who want to experience the global modern art and culture, Dubai is the place to be. 
Though Dubai is an emerging education destination but the city offers courses in both Visual/Fine Arts and Performing at Masters, Bachelors and Diploma level in various universities and colleges. In Dubai you can apply to courses like:
  • Art History
  • Introduction to Perspective
  • Drawing Life Proportions 
  • Abstract Painting
  • Classical Painting
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Acting


How to apply to a college offering Arts in Dubai

Students can apply to universities in Dubai in the months of January, May, July, August, September and November. The basic criterion for the same is as follows:
  • All the applicants must submit certified true copies of relevant documents along with the application form.
  • The university will decide on the recognition of your academic background and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter.
  • Once the application is successful you will receive a conditional/ confirmation offer letter from them which can be used to apply for student resident visa.
  • Visa procedure takes a week after you apply for visa.
  • As you get approval for visa you can book your tickets.


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