Arts in France

Study Arts in France

For those who used to think that France is just about cheese and fashion couture then they need to brush up their information about the suave country. France is also considered as one of the most creative places in the world. Home to impeccable artists in the field of painting, music and theatre, the country is custom made for the students aspiring to go to France for their further education in the field of Arts. 
The country has lot to offer in the field of Arts. Be it Visual/Fine Arts or Performing Arts, France is a haven for those who wish to learn, experience and live art around them. 

Visual/Fine Arts

Arts is considered to be synonym with France with a trail of creative and fascinating Art history, the country stand amongst the top contenders for an Arts student. Not only the universities but the picturesque lanes of France will also offer you a feast with impressive monument of art and architecture. 
Along with the basic subjects in Arts like Painting, Drawing, Graphic Designing, Illustration, sculpture, craft, digital art and liberal art, you can also learn French Art. 
French Art can be divided into five different periods, Pre-history, Celtic and Roman period, Medieval Period, Early Modern Period and Modern Period.
The country is also home to prominent personalities in the field of Art like JL David, C Le Brun, Watteau, Natteir and many more. 
In France, you can enroll yourself for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses. The country also offers various Certificate, Diploma and Short-Term Courses. 

Performing Arts

  • Drama/Theatre/Acting: France offers various courses in acting. A student is trained in various skills of Drama/Theatre/Acting like Playwriting, Physical Theatre, Advanced Acting, Melodrama and much more. 
  • Dance: France is known for developing ballet. The first ballet in France was performed in 1518. From then to now France has emerged as one of the most sought after places to learn dancing. The country offers training in various forms of dancing.
  • Music: In France, there are 4,300 institutions that specialise in music offering various courses in music. 

How to apply to a college offering Arts in France

France homes around 3500 public and private institutions which includes 83 Universities and equivalent institutions, 224 schools of Engineering, 220 schools of Business and Management, 120 schools of Art, 20 schools of Architecture and 3000 other schools and institutions. And is one of the top choices among students to study abroad. 
The application procedure for universities in France starts in December for non-Europeans and follows a very strict calendar. In February, non-French speakers will be invited to take a French language test (TCF = test de connaissance du français) which is the equivalent of the English TOEFL.  A good level in French B High (between 5 and 6 on the IB scale) is sufficient. The written expression counts more than the oral performance. Also, students need to provide their portfolio if asked by the college/university. 
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