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UK is the part of one of the most artistic region, Europe. UK boasts of an artistic history, the impeccable skill is not only evident in its works but is also visible in the marvelous structure that beautifies the lanes of this nation. 
Creativity is constantly on show in the UK. It is home to London's West End theatres, the Edinburgh Festival, museums and galleries with world-famous classic collections and cutting-edge displays by new artists. The UK is the base for multinational film and TV companies, and independent production houses. More than two million people are employed in the creative industries in the UK and the sector is growing every year. 
The country is also famous for its theatre and music with epic contributors like Shakespeare and beatles. You can also join the league of the masters and pursue your dream of making it big in the field of Arts. 
Education in Arts can be divided into two broad categories (a) Visual/Fine Arts which includes skills like illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting, sculpting et al and (b) Performing Arts which includes skill like Dance, Music and Acting/Theatre/Drama. 
Let us take a stroll in the artistic lanes of UK and know what it has to offer in terms of education in the creative field of Arts:

Visual/Fine Arts

Courses in Visual/Fine arts are offered at both Bachelors and Masters level in UK. There are colleges which also offer short term courses, diplomas and certificate courses in the same. One can enroll himself/herself in colleges offering Bachelors in Arts/ Bachelors in Fine Arts (if applying for undergraduate course) and Masters in Arts/ Masters in Fine Arts (if applying for Graduate courses) in UK. 
A degree in Visual/Fine Arts can be acquired in various specific areas like:
  • Drawing: The course will train a student in drawing practice through an understanding of current ideas, practices and technologies. 
  • Painting: The course hones one’s skill in drawing and painting.
  • Graphic Design: The course will train a student in the art of designing graphics in terms of branding and advertising. 
  • Illustration: Illustration making is an art where an illustrator prepares drawing pertaining to a set of instructions or dialogue. The course will explore image making from screen based technologies to more traditional approaches.
  • 3D Design: The course will train a student in designing innovative creations. 
  • Photography: The course will explore and hone the photographic practice within a fine art context. 
  • Sculpture: The course deals with modern and historical art of sculpting impeccable pieces of art from stone, metal, limestone et al. 
  • Fine Art Digital: In the digital era where everything is converting itself into matrix, Arts has also stretched its arms to shake hands with pixels and codes. The course in Fine Arts digital will teach a student, skills of fine arts in a digital way. 
  • Print Making: The course deals with imaging, photographic and bookmaking process. 
  • Books Arts: Books are not just about word or providing information. Commercialisation has offered various opportunities in this sector too. Books now are being designed too. The course will train a student in the same. 
  • Conservation: The course involves study on conservation of art on paper, books and archival material. 
  • Designer Maker: The course involves training in craft object and small batch production. 
  • Community and Education: The course will train a student as a teacher in arts. 

Performing Arts

Any art which is performed live is referred to as Performing Arts. UK offers various courses in Performing Arts at Diploma, Certificate, Bachelors and Post Graduate level. A degree in Performing Arts can be acquired in various specific areas like:
  • Music: Home to the famous English Jazz is one of the best places to learn the art of music. Here, you can perfect your vocal chords and learn instruments of your choice. 
  • Dance: English folk dance is one of the popular forms of performing arts. A student aspiring to learn dance should consider UK on his/her list. 
  • Acting/Theatre/Drama: UK boasts of one of the oldest country of having a tradition of acting and theatre. With world’s largest theatre at home, UK is the perfect stage to show your acting skills. 

How to apply to a college offering Arts in UK

For pursuing course in Arts, an individual needs to apply through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) System. The candidates are required to submit their application form, portfolio of their work and entry. Students can submit their paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs, CD, PowerPoint presentation, models, designs, sketches, plans, sections, three-dimensional work, etc. as part of their portfolio.
A portfolio should contain work of candidate which shows their creativity, ability to generate ideas, understanding of colour scheme, designing methods, performance and aptitude for art. If a candidate’s application and portfolio are shortlisted, he is called for an interview. Students who have completed 12 years of education are required to complete a 1 year University Foundation Programme (UFP) to get entry in Universities of UK as 13 years of education is entry requirement for bachelor courses. Apart from this, student is required to submit score of TOFEL or IELTS or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) or Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE).  
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