Law, Politics & Humanities in Australia

Study Law, Politics & Humanities in Australia

A warm, friendly, young and vibrant environment is an ideal place one can find away from home for a stranger. Declared as one of the best places to live, Australia fits the criteria perfectly. Though, recent acts of violence against international citizens in Australia did effect the inflow of foreigners into the continent but the country, now has managed to shed the black clouds and has managed to emerge again as one of the most popular countries for education.
Australia offers education at K-12 School level, Community College and Technical Education and Training Level, Undergraduate degree level, Graduate degree level, Professional degree levels and Research and Post doctoral level in almost every field. The Australian education system has a strong international reputation and is known for its effective structure. 

Study Law in Australia

Getting training in Law in Australia will offer a student the fundamental principles of Australian. Australian Law education equips a student with knowledge of legal procedures and court procedures and makes them appreciate the role of law in a society. Students also get introduced to practical skills such as legal research, legal writing and advocacy. 
Graduate diplomas and certificates and coursework masters degrees aim to supplement and extend the candidate’s knowledge of a specialist area of the law. 
Postgraduate degrees by thesis enable candidates to research a substantial question of law under supervision and to present a substantial argument embodying a discussion of the question reviewed and its conclusions.
In Australia, Law education is of a minimum of a three years degree for those holding a prior university degree and a four year degree for those without a prior degree. After the completion of an undergraduate Law course a student is adorned with a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) or in some cases Juris Doctor (JD).
Many Universities in Australia also offer graduate diploma courses which is usually of one year duration while some diplomas can be over two or three years of duration if pursued on a part-time basis. Most Law schools in Australia offer Masters Degree and PhD as well. 

How to apply to a Law School in Australia

A student is required to have a 10+2 in order to apply to a Law school in Australia if he/she wants to pursue a four year course and a Bachelor’s degree for a three year course. Along with the academic eligibility a student is also required to provide English proficiency proof through TOEFL/IELTS.

Study Political Science in Australia

Political Science is for thinkers and researchers. If a student is interested in pursuing the subject in Australia he/she will deal with political structures, processes and policies in Australia and other societies along with the study of contemporary ideas, ideologies and theories of a political framework.
Students can pursue any specialisation after their Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in the fields like Social and Political Theory, Australian Politics, International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Industrial Relations, Public Policy and many more.

How to apply to a college offering Political Science in Australia

In order to pursue Political Science in Australia a student need to complete his/her 10+2 from a recognised institute. English proficiency is to be produced through TOEFL/IELTS.

Study Humanities in Australia

Humanities is a vast field encompassing various specialisation like Ancient History and Classical Languages, History, Philosophy, Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology and many more. Humanities is all about studying and comprehending the human culture. Studying the course in Australia will give students a broad prospective of studying the human culture in a multi-cultural society. 

How to apply to a college in Australia offering Humanities

In order to apply to a college in Australia offering courses in Humanities one needs to have a good cumulative score at 10+2 along with TOEFL/IELTS. score. 


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