Law, Politics & Humanities in Dubai

Study Law, Politics & Humanities in Dubai

Dubai is much sought after for its courses in Management. The country has limited opportunities in the field of Law, Politics & Humanities. Being a part of an Islamic country, Dubai follows the Islamic law. Students who are interested in pursuing the same can contact law colleges in Dubai.
Also, there are only few colleges which offer courses in Politics or Humanities. Interested students can contact colleges they are interested in. 

How to apply to colleges offering Law, Politics & Humanities in Dubai

You can apply to universities in Dubai in the months of January, May, July, August, September and November. The basic criterion for the same is as follows:


  • All the applicants must submit certified true copies of relevant documents along with the application form.
  • The university will decide on the recognition of your academic background and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter.
  • Once the application is successful you will receive a conditional/ confirmation offer letter from them which can be used to apply for student resident visa.
  • Visa procedure takes a week after you apply for visa.
  • As you get approval for visa you can book your tickets.


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