Law, Politics & Humanities in USA

Study Law, Politics & Humanities in USA

With enormous number of educational institutes and universities which are amongst the best in the world, USA is one of the top choices for students to pursue their studies. Not just Engineering, Medicine or IT the country is also provides quality education in the field of Arts, Humanities and Media Studies.
For the ones who are seeking admission in the field of Law and Politics let’s give you a brief on what USA offers in the field of bars, leaders and researchers. 

Study Law in USA

Law is a professional academic field in USA and unlike any other country where students get admission right after high school or secondary. If a student is seeking admission to a Law school in USA he/she should have a Bachelor’s degree in any field. 
Students from India with a Bachelor’s degree in hand can apply for 3 years full-time or 4 years part-time Juris Doctor degree. In US, Law Schools are part of public or private universities that grant Juris Doctor (JD) degrees. Students who have already obtained their Juris Doctor can apply for Master of Law (LLM) degree.
The students applying to a Law college in USA will be studying courses in legal writing, contracts, criminal law, torts, constitutional law, law review, moot court, international law, immigration law, antitrust law, intellectual property law et al. 
To start practicing in US a degree is not enough. In order to practice law, a student has to take the bar exam for the state where he/she plans to practice. 

How to apply to a Law School in USA

  • A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (4-year university degree) in any subject. 
  • LSAT scores
  • Recommendations
  • TOEFL scores if English is not your native language
  • Financial documents showing proof of funds for the academic year, if a student is applying for an F-1 visa.

Study Politics in USA

Studying Political Science in the country which preaches freedom of citizens will not only acquaint a student with the basic principles of the subject but will also cultivate profound knowledge of various skills. The course will provide a more comprehensive study of global political systems and will also help a student in improving writing, communication and debate skills. 
After a student acquire a degree in the field, he/she can explore careers like Law, Journalism, Diplomat, Political Consultancy, Research Analysis, Lobbying, Educator and many more.
A Political Science course in USA incorporates elements of other social sciences as well at undergraduate or graduate level. Students can pursue courses like Economics and Politics, Mathematics for Political Science, Problems in Political Theory: Property and Sovereignty, Political Philosophy: Political Ontology, Identity Politics and many more. 

How to apply to a college offering Political Science course in USA

In order to apply to a college in USA offering Political Science a candidate is required to:
  • Provide his/her CV.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) as asked by the college.
  • Writing sample.
  • GRE scores.
  • TOEFL scores.
  • Letters of recommendations. 

Study Humanities in USA

Economics, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Criminology, Humanities in USA offers courses in such fields to let students explore the human experience of various aspects of life affecting us. Courses in Humanities not only teach students about values of different cultures but let the culture flow to generations ahead.
Students who are interested in pursuing the field of research and investigation, Humanities is the field to be! 

How to apply to a college offering Humanities in USA

You can apply to colleges through a common application system or to an individual college as well. All students who wish to study in the US are expected to sit an entrance exam. Most institutions require students to take either the SAT or the alternative ACT exam. You are also required to appear for language efficiency test TOEFL/IELTS
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