Literature & Languages in France

Study Literature & Languages in France

France is considered one of the most attractive and beautiful places to be visited in the world. The marvellous architecture and the hot couture of the country have attracted people from all corners of the world. 
The city is always buzzing with art and cultural events making it a perfect succour for the art lovers. Apart from its culture, art, fashion and food the French language has also fascinated literature lovers. The French language became so popular that at one point, the language was a threat to English language as well.
A student who is looking forward to study the intricacies of French Literature and Language and not just getting a certificate will be learning about French culture and history, the famous French revolution, its literature and much more. Universities in France offer courses in French Literature & Languages at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. Most colleges offer two year programme but students can get transferred to a four year school for a degree course. Master’s degrees in France take five or six years of full time study after 10+2.
A student will be well qualified for a career in a range of areas, such as television and radio broadcasting, teaching, the civil service, media and journalism, with numerous opportunities in the public/private sector at home and abroad. Graduates will also be well equipped to pursue postgraduate studies in various broad fields of the subject.

How to apply to a college offering Literature & Languages in France

  • Statement of Purpose or SOP
  • A writing sample is asked by the college 
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Some colleges also require GRE scores
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