Literature & Languages in Germany

Study Literature & Languages in Germany

German is among the top 10 most commonly spoken languages in the world. The popularity of the language itself is the reason to learn it. Students who are interested in working in Germany, any other country in Europe, anywhere in the world and in fact even in India can pursue various programmes in German Literature & Languages. 
Not only for a literature student, but the German language is also beneficial for the ones who are planning to pursue any other degree from Germany. Though there are German schools in India as well which acquaints a student with the language but for more intricate knowledge about the language and its literature a programme in Germany is advisable. 
Students can pursue various specialisations in German Literature & Languages like German and Psychology, German and Religion, German and Economics, and German and International Studies. 

How to apply to a college offering Literature & Languages in Germany

  • Students can apply directly to college of their choice.
  • Some colleges require SAT scores, and German Proficiency examination as well.


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