Literature & Languages in Russia

Study Literature & Languages in Russia

To study the intriguing Russian Literature & Language there would be no better place than the native land itself. The nation which until few years back was overshadowed by the curtains of the infamous cold war has come out with all colours and vigour. The Russian language is not just limited to Russia or nations of USSR but also boasts of being among the six official languages of United Nations.
Students who are interested in learning the language and exploring its history can pursue courses at undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level and can also opt for certificate courses in Russian language. Getting acquainted with the language would not mean that a student would be restricted in Russia only. There is a lot of scope after one completes his/her education in Russian Literature & Languages.
Career fields like Teaching, Research, Creative Writing, Films, Scriptwriting and many more can be explored. Students can also work as interpreters or can also apply to Russian embassies. 

How to apply to a college offering Literature & Languages in Russia

Education in Russia is compatible to the international standards. In order to apply to Russian universities, you need to fulfil the following eligibility standards:
  • A student needs to have educational level equivalent to the secondary education in Russia.
  • A candidate can only be allowed to have three years of gap in schooling/college/technical college while applying to a Russian university.
  • Having English proficiency is not require but it is advisable to check with the college a student is applying to. 


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