Medicine & Healthcare in Ukraine

Study Medicine & Healthcare in Ukraine

Ukraine is quite popular among international students for courses in Medicine. With affordable rates, quality education and worldwide recognition of degrees around the world, Ukraine attracts international students in large number. Also, pursuing a degree in the field of Medicine does not require you to appear for TOEFL/IELTS.


Medical colleges and universities in Ukraine offers following courses to students who wish for a Bachelor’s degree after higher secondary school.


  • General Medicine (Doctor of Medicine Degree): 6 years course
  • Dentistry (Doctor of Dentistry Degree): 5 years course
  • Pediatrics (Doctor of Medicine Degree): 6 years course
  • Nursing (RN): 3/4 years course



As an international students you will have an option of working in USA and other European countries. The other benefits that you can enjoy are:


  • You will be eligible to take the US Medical Licensing Examinations and pursue Postgraduate Medical (Residency) training in US.
  • Medical degree from Ukraine is also recognized by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).
  • You will also be eligible to participate in the US Medical Licensing Examination and receive ECFMG certification.



How to apply to a college offering Medicine & Healthcare in Ukraine

In order to apply for a course in the field of admission a student has to sign a contract with the university he/she is applying to. 

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