Professional & Vocational courses in Australia

Study Professional & Vocational courses in Australia

Australia offers world class training system in Professional & Vocational courses. The country helps a student in gaining practical knowledge, skills and academic qualification to move directly into a career. A student can pursue any Professional & Vocational course in Australia after his/her high school or just after secondary studies as well.
Australian institutes offer courses on Certificates levels to Diplomas from Business courses to Hospitality, Cookery, Accounting, Engineering and much more. The Professional & Vocational courses in Australia are monitored by the Australian Government and are often linked directly with the industries and markets providing students with varied career opportunities. The duration of Certificate from Australia is from 3 months to 1 year while the Diploma courses can be of longer period (up to 2 years).

How to apply to colleges offering Professional & Vocational courses in Australia

Educational degrees and diplomas offered by Australian education system are recognised in every part of the world. Students seeking admission in Professional & Vocational courses in Australian Universities or colleges can either fill application form of Universities directly or they can apply to different Universities through Universities Admission Centre (UAC) online. For applying through UAC, a student needs to get International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students need to submit their admission form, application processing fee, their elementary and secondary education mark sheets with percentage converted into grades and portfolio of their art work. Candidates a required to take either of the following tests for English proficiency:-
  • Combined Universities Language Test (CULT)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
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