About GRE or Graduate Record Examination


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GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Services.


GRE has been developed to evaluate the Verbal,Analytical and mathematical skills


All the top universities around the world in US, UK, Europe, Singapore,Australia

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is administered by the Educational Testing Services. GRE is a standardized test that is required to be taken by students seeking admission in any of the graduate schools.

It is a test to evaluate skills of the aspirants. The GRE has been developed to evaluate the verbal, analytical and mathematical skills of the candidates. 

Students seeking admission into any Masters Program in the US and many other European countries are required to take GRE. Individuals applying to graduate schools in order to pursue a Masters in Arts (MA) or Science (MS) are required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

Commencement of Exam 

Computer-based GRE Revised General Test is given year round at computer-based test centres. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

You can take the GRE Revised General Test (Computer based test and paper based test) once in every 60 daysand not more than five times within 12 months period. If you choose to take only the paper based GRE Revised General Test, you may take it as often as it is offered.

Eligibility Criteria for GRE 

1) A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for seeking admission in any Masters Program in US and therefore, it is also an essential qualification for taking GRE.

2) Most US Universities have made it mandatory for a student to complete 16 years of education for admission to Science and Engineering programs.

However students holding BE, B. Tech, B. Sc (Agriculture) or B.Arch degrees, i.e. students who have spent four years for their Bachelor’s degree can directly seek admission in Science and Engineering program in any US University.


Application Procedure for GRE

There are four ways to apply for GRE:



    • Phone
      • You can use your American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa or a voucher number.
      • Note: Phone registration is not applicable for test takers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.


      • Fax
        • You can use American Express, Discover, JCB, Master Card or a voucher number.
        • You need to fax the International Test Schedule Form (PDF) to the appropriate RRC.
        • The form you fill must be submitted at least seven days before your first choice test date.
        • You will be assigned a test date, time and the test centre address will be e-mailed, faxed or mail to you.
        • If you do not receive the confirmation of your appointment, call the appropriate RRC at least three business days before your earlier test date.


      Fee Structure  

      Subject Tests for United States, U.S Territories and Puerto Rico – USD$140
      For other locations including India – USD$160 (Rs. 7,615.20)

      Types of GRE 

      Types of Graduate Record Examination Test

      1) Revised General Test

      2) GRE Subject Tests

      Revised General Test

      Revised General Test consists of 3 sections:

      1) Verbal Reasoning (130-170)
      2) Quantitative Reasoning (130-170)
      3) Analytical Writing (0-6) in half point increments

      Verbal Reasoning:

      Measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it, it also analyzes the relationships among component parts of sentences and recognize relationships among words and concepts.


      Quantitative Reasoning:

      Measures problem-solving ability, focusing on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.


      Analytical Writing:

      Measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, specifically your ability to articulate and support complex ideas clearly and effectively.


      GRE Subject Tests

      GRE Subject Tests are meant to test your knowledge and skill level in a particular subject area. These subject tests are emphasized by undergraduate programmes.
      The GRE subject test is available only in the paper and pencil version.

      Eight different GRE subject tests are available:

      • GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Subject Test- 180 Questions
      • GRE Biology Subject Test- 200 Questions
      • GRE Chemistry Subject Test- 130 Questions
      • GRE Computer Science Subject Test – 70 Questions
      • GRE Literature in English Subject Test- 230 Questions
      • GRE Mathematics Subject Test- 66 Questions
      • GRE Physics Subject Test- 100 Questions
      • GRE Psychology Subject Test- 205 Questions

      Format of the Exam 

      Format of Exam

      The GRE consists of three main sections:

      1)Verbal Reasoning: 30 Minutes/30 Questions
      2)Quantitative Reasoning: 40 Minutes/28 Questions
      3)Analytical Writing

      Scoring Pattern

        • Mail
          • Mail the International Test Scheduling Form (PDF) to the appropriate RRC with appropriate payment.
          • A confirmation number, reporting time and the test centre address will be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to you.
          • You will be assigned a test date, time and location, based on the information you provide on the form.


        Countries Accepting the GRE Score 


        All the top universities around the world in US, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia accept GRE score. More than 600 business schools accept the GRE score world-wide.
        In the past, business schools have only accepted the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT, which looks more at reading, comprehension and reasoning. The GRE has a stronger focus on vocabulary and straightforward quantitative skills.

        Here are some of the top universities which accept the GRE Score:

        1) Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business
        2) INSEAD
        3) Columbia Business School
        4) Harvard Business School
        5) MIT Sloan
        6) Stephen M.Ross School of Business
        7) Yale School of Management
        8) London Business School, U.K
        9) IMD Switzerland
        10) University of Chicago, U.S.A

          • The total (maximum) marks allotted in GRE is 340
          • Sectional scores (for verbal and quantitative sections) – allotted is 170 marks (maximum) per section.
          • Analytical writing assessment scoreis scored separately on a scale of 0-6 based on the overall impact of the essays written by the student.

  •    I am studying B.Tech Third Year. Can I apper for GRE this year? To get admission in UK for post graduate engineering (MS), should I have to qualify both GRE genaral test and GRE subject test or only general test?
    Sanchit Kondawar, 26-04-2017 Reply
  •    hello sir, i am pursuing my degree in agriculture. I'm interested in studying masters under same field so can i please get the details regarding the universities offering the course with scholarship. can i also please get the exam details n syllabus .
    Sri Vidya, 18-01-2017 Reply
  •    tell me about courses for which i can apply after Be mechanicle?
    kushal h shah, 24-08-2016 Reply
  •    I was completed B.E Electrical & Electronics & around 4+ years of experience in Electrical Field .I want to do my PG in Electrical Systems . please give a details which course I have to complete in GRE
    manidevudu@yahoo.com, 13-09-2015 Reply
  •    tell me about courses for which i can apply after B.com? through GRE
    dushyant kumar, 30-08-2015 Reply
  •    Hello sir I'm pursuing BCA degree can I apply for GRE exam?????
    A.Reena, 21-07-2015 Reply
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    Bharat Salokye, 08-06-2015 Reply
  •    Hi sir/ma'am, I'm a Canadian citizen, currently pursuing my engineering degree in electronics & communication in India. I would like to do my masters in Canada. So kindly please tell me whether I require to go for GRE? I would also like to know about the masters programs most suitable for me. Kindly respond as soon as possible. thank you
    Simarjot Kaur, 29-05-2015 Reply
  •    hi sir, i am intrested in study my p.hd degree in new zeland, austrelia or usa...please give me information ...
    Keval Patel, 10-05-2015 Reply
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    Inter Results, 15-04-2015 Reply
  •    hi sir. is necessary for all universitys. i heard someware that some universitys accept with out gre. by taking ilets result.
    nagapraveen ramisetti, 14-04-2015 Reply
  •    Hi, sir, I m perusing btech in computers can i apply for GRE Exam?
    sunny chauhan, 02-03-2015 Reply
  •    hi,sir , I m perusing my computer science in engineering can I apply for gre exam?
    lavanya, 15-02-2015 Reply
  •    hi sir, i m perusing my diploma in engineering can i apply for GRE exam ?
    Shefali Patil, 11-02-2015 Reply
  •    This is a great platform for anyone planning to study abroad. Prepare for GRE with amazing Christmas discount. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/strategize-your-future-goals-the-chopras
    Jayanti Prasad, 19-12-2014 Reply
  •    hi sir .I am software engineer.i want o know information about GRE exm n fee structure
    swati kumari, 14-12-2014 Reply
    Dear Swati, see this link below to get all the information and exam pattern for GRE. Let me know if you need any further details. http://www.thechopras.com/gre.php Jayanti Prasad, 19-12-2014
  •    hi sir this is abhishek i want to know information about gre
    william abhishek, 23-10-2014 Reply
  •    Hello sir, I am pursuing my Aerospace Engineering and after that i want to go for MS Physics from USA. Is it necessary to have GRE and TOEFL score or i can get direct admission after Engineering. thanks
    Gaurav K Paujikeshra, 29-09-2014 Reply
  •    I am a B.sc. student with computer science as one of my subjects, i want to pursue m.sc. in computer science or m.sc. software engineering(if applicable) with a 75% to 100% scholarship from UK. So along with GRE shud i give the IELTS exam or TOEFL for admission in UK through the scholarship...??? plz provide me with the answer...
    Ayushi Shukla, 15-08-2014 Reply
  •    I am an agriculture graduate and wants to pursue my masters in the same field with scholarship programe abroad. kindly guide me for such colleges mainly in US and Europe. manojfulara08@gmail.com
    manoj fulara, 07-08-2014 Reply
    my question too Palakuri lakshmi prasanna, 21-09-2014
  •    I want to do HOTEL Management from Taiwan. Toefl is compulsory for it? Plzz tell e
    prianca, 07-08-2014 Reply
  •    sir, i m studying computer sc. bsc. i want to study usa for post ...please provide regarding scholarship....
    abhiram, 06-08-2014 Reply
  •    sir ,i completed my bsc nursing ,i want to join post mbbs in usa .so please let me no the universities offering post mbbs course
    bandari.pravalika, 28-07-2014 Reply
    mail your information at "tulikafusioindia@gmail.com" they can help you get good scholarship in top universities across globe!! Sudeep Adhikari, 31-07-2014
  •    Sir I completed my M.Sc Biotechnology.I want to do MS in USA.which institute is best offering biotechnology course and i want to do specialisation in stemcells?For this GRE revised exam is enough or subject exam is also necessary?
    Mallika, 28-07-2014 Reply
  •    I am studying Civil Engg. final year-UG programme, Next year want to do MS in UK, Which Institute is best offering the course. Madhu G
    madhu6543@yahoo.com, 30-06-2014 Reply
    mail your information at "tulikafusioindia@gmail.com" they can help you get good scholarship in top universities across globe!! Sudeep Adhikari, 31-07-2014
  •    I want to knowwhether B.Com graduate can give GRE exam?
    neha chopde, 25-06-2014 Reply
    Off course you can take the test. GRE would be a great option for you after completing B.com. Let me know of you need any help. Jayanti Prasad, 22-11-2014
  •    good 1
    sujata m, 16-06-2014 Reply
  •    I am student of Psychology doing my master's. I want to take admission in neuropsychology in abroad. Plz help me
    Banazir Murtaza, 15-06-2014 Reply
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    Daman Preet, 19-05-2014 Reply
  •    sir i was astudent of B.TECH_3rd year in andhra university how can i get an admission in foreign universities for completion of ms programme of environmental engineering
    venkatesh, 14-05-2014 Reply
  •    gre question paper for msc in chemistry and exam aplication procedure and charge for the exam. janamithun1992@gmail.comType your Comments heregre
    Mithun Jana, 14-04-2014 Reply
  •    i am socond year student of b.sc.ag in indian university how can i take admission in fogeign university for m.sc. ag meashishrai@gmail.com
    Ansh Rai, 05-04-2014 Reply
  •    i m a first year student of b.sc. physics and astrophysics fyup deli university how can i take admission in foreign university for m.sc.?
    k.ketanlohqni@gmail.com, 02-03-2014 Reply
  •    I want to go for MS in Techical Architecture (IT) which University provide me this Program
    Vitthal Suryvanshi, 24-02-2014 Reply
  •    can u tell me how many marks should i score in gre for top universities
    Nagaraju Naidu, 23-02-2014 Reply
    325+ digvijay, 21-04-2014
  •    my advice to all up coming gre aspirants is only that to seek gre only if you are mentally ready to face toughest verbal english rather many other options are available and better than persuing masters from any of lower ranking universities.
    pankaj raj, 19-01-2014 Reply
  •    hi iam doing automobile engineering 2nd yr i need to write gre exam aftr 2016 how can i pre pare for that wat r the courses offering for me
    salai chandra rajan, 19-01-2014 Reply
  •    Now a days some agents in bangalore taking 1 lac indian money and giving seats in GRE ... dont study just pay 1 lac and get admission...this is our India...ha ha ha... many of my frnds paid and got seats
    aman, 22-12-2013 Reply
  •    can u tell me how many marks should i score in gre for top universities
    A.VEENA, 10-12-2013 Reply
    322+ Er Pritam Kumar, 16-12-2013
  •    for taking admisn in business school thru gre is work experience necessary?
    swapnil sahu, 04-12-2013 Reply
    yes 1-2 years Er Pritam Kumar, 16-12-2013
  •    any requirement of age for GRE?
    sumit, 25-11-2013 Reply
  •    Will getting good score in GRE help me get any scholarship for post graduate studies? I am an undergraduate student studying electronics and communication engineering , second year in India. I really want to do my masters from USA. Thank you.
    riya bhowmick, 20-11-2013 Reply
    scholarship will provide on the basis of your gre score and your subject perfection for master studies. Er Pritam Kumar, 16-12-2013
  •    Please give me some information for aboard study in 2014
    ribhakumari, 04-11-2013 Reply
  •    can i pursue m.b.a through g.r.e examination,if not what are the other options...
    Puneeth Reddy, 28-09-2013 Reply
    GMAT also Er Pritam Kumar, 16-12-2013
  •    hi am harsha plz gv some information ms in abroad......
    HARSHA S, 25-09-2013 Reply
  •    i want do my studies in aboard..i not have idea plz give clear explanation....
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  •    hi, i am Apan doing Electrical & Electronic Engg & want to know the procedure for higher study in us
    MR ASHOK KAUSHISH, 10-09-2013 Reply
  •    sir,may i know what is the cut off marks in gre to get a seat for masters in a good reputed university
    Shreyas.s, 31-08-2013 Reply
  •    Hai sir i am harjeet i want to stdy in btech in mechanical engg. And i am want to prepare the gre exam and tell me requirement releted this test plz tell me answar
    harjeet brar, 27-08-2013 Reply
  •    Is an electronics and commuication engineering student required to give the GRE Subject Test? If yes, which out of the eight? Please reply as soon as possible! Thnx!
    Supriya Arora, 17-08-2013 Reply
  •    hello sir/medam , now iam pursuing mca final year , i want to do ms in usa, how should i prepare for GRE and what are the best universities in USA for MS. Please replay me ...
    M.Sudhakar Reddy, 14-08-2013 Reply
  •    I am studing aerospace what is opportunity ofter that
    shankar, 12-08-2013 Reply
  •    sir/madam, i passed b.e. in 2013 n looking for m.tach.......so plz tell me that how much percentile 'll need for m.tech by GRE? plz,
    prashant shukla, 08-08-2013 Reply
  •    which books refer for gre please tell me.
    ribha kumari, 22-07-2013 Reply
  •    Hello Sir/Madam, I have completed my MBA(HR/Marketing) and wish to do further studies at USA do opt me some courses in this regard. Thank You.
    Aarthi, 18-07-2013 Reply
  •    i ve passed my graduation in 2005 ...am i able to appreae for gre...now...
    mallika lanje, 17-07-2013 Reply
    GOPINATH, 08-07-2013 Reply
    Dear Gopinath, Greetings from Gyanberry Consultants ! Even though there is no fixed minimum score required, one thing is for sure every year the cut offs are going higher every year. If you manage to get below scores you should be positive about getting admissions in top 10-20 universities: Verbal: 640 Quantitative: 680 Writing: 5.5. For students who just missed out to get admissions in top colleges, We are offering a alternative 2+2 model wherein you can study first 2 years in Dubai & another 2 years in Top IVY league universities in USA to complete your honors bachelors degree. Please note 2 years in Dubai will be in a American Honors college which will groom you to get admission in 3rd year of top universities in USA. Best of luck !! Regards, Tej Gyanberry Consultants Gyanberry, 17-07-2013
  •    i want to study in us...what score in ug should i have to study in us
    lakshmi jaisree.d, 06-07-2013 Reply
  •    kindly refer any universities for ms mechanical
    vaseem ahmed, 04-07-2013 Reply
  •    I want to Master of Powersystems from Australia.can u please tell me which university is good
    umamahes, 03-07-2013 Reply
  •    i want to Master of physiotherapy from USA . can u plz gudie me which university is good to per-sue it.
    Sudipta khara, 16-06-2013 Reply
  •    i would like to do my research in neuro biochemistry please refer me some good universities and the tests to come over the barriers to get the admission
    Badarunnisa Mohammed Kandanath, 15-05-2013 Reply
    rachna, 29-04-2013 Reply
  •    Do canada need GRE exam?
    bhavani, 05-04-2013 Reply
    s, of course gunasekari, 21-04-2013
  •    which books are prefered for GRE
    rakesh, 16-03-2013 Reply
  •    please inform me about the books to be referred to write GRE exam
    harshitha, 09-03-2013 Reply
  •    what are the extra qualification needed in addition to a gre score to get into the top ten univ.?
    adityan, 08-01-2013 Reply
    ur graduation scores is required,,the better score above 85 is expected gunasekari, 21-04-2013
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