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You can apply in the month of June/July or Sep/Oct


Tuition fee for an international student in Russia may range from $2000 to $8000


Duration for a student to complete his/her education in Russia is 2-6 years

Hi!, We are launching the Q&A section soon. Meanwhile check the Frequently asked questions on studying in Russia. If you have any questions, don't forget to leave them in the comment section.


Q1: When should I apply to a university in Russia?

In order to pursue education from Russia, you can apply to various institutes and universities in Russia in the month of June/July and September/October.


Q2: How much does education in Russia cost?

Tuition fee for an international student in Russia may range from $2000 to $8000 per year, which may include expenses like accommodation, books etc.


Q3: What is the duration of education in Russia?

The approximate duration for a student to complete his/her education in Russia is 2-6 years, depending upon the course that he/ she is studying.


Q4: Is it required to learn Russian language?

It is not compulsory to learn Russian language as the country also offers education in English. However, having proficiency in the native language of the country you are visiting always acts as an added advantage.


Q5: Is a Russian degree valued globally?

Medical education from Russia is quite popular among Indian students and is also recognised here in India. The degrees from Russia at present are recognised all over the world. However, it is advisable check the validity of any degree or diploma with AICTE.

Other courses too are valid globally. It is best to find out details from the respective university / college before joining the college.


Q6: What is the VISA procedure to study in Russia?

Russian Visa for students depends upon the duration of stay. For short term courses (3 months) students can go on a tourist visa. For a course of longer duration than 3 months, students can apply for multi-entry business visa which is valid up to 6-12 months.


Q7: What documents are required to apply for a visa to Russia?

A student needs to submit the following documents in order to apply for a visa to Russia:

  • An application form specifying the speciality selected.
  • Duly certified copy of Educational Certificate/Diploma, marks on each subject indicated.
  • A Health Certificate issued by the officially authorised Medical Bodies of the RSA.
  • The Result of HIV Blood Test duly certified by the relevant official Medical Bodies of the RSA.
  • A certified true copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Six (6) passport size photos (4X6).
  • Confirmation of candidate’s admission from the Russian University.
  • Legalisation stamp of the Ministry of External Affairs of the country that issued your educational documents.
  • Legalisation stamp of the Embassy/ General Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country that issued your educational document.
  • Certificate of IELTS examination.


Q8: How much will I be spending during my stay in Russia?

Russia is an affordable for the ones worried about the budget. Cost of your stay during the study period is quite low if compared to other European countries. As a student your budget in Russia may include:


  • Dining and Entertainment: Your weekly bill for dining would come up to $ 40-80 while entertainment in Russia would cost you $ 50 approx.
  • Transport: As a student you would be travelling by Metro on a daily basis which might cost you $8-$ 16 per month while travelling from bus may cost you 10-50 cents per journey.


Q9: Can I study for a Russian qualification by distance or online education mode?

There are colleges in Russia which provide distance and online education offering various courses like Business Management, Russian, and many more. If you don’t have the budget to visit the country you can still have a degree from a university of Russia in your kitty. For admission requirements you need to contact the particular college offering distance education. Also, always check with AICTE if a university is authentic or not. There are various institutions that have collaborated with Indian colleges too.





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  •    i want admission in MBBS i want to know fees
    ramanjeet, 20-07-2013 Reply
  •    i want to admission in civil engineering course how much fees of this course .what is the procedure of thi course please reply me
    yususuf, 18-05-2013 Reply
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    MUSTAFA BAIG, 07-01-2013 Reply

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