Scholarships in Dubai/Middle East


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Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship is offered to Pell Grant recipients


David L Boren Scholarship recipients are required to work for the federal govt


Charles B Rangel Fellowship is also offered for education in UAE

Being an expensive country to live in, the Dubai government offers scholarships to foreign students. There are various universities which offer their individual scholarships too.


The list of scholarships is mentioned below:


Government Scholarships in Dubai

The Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarships: For the scholarship, the students must be Pell Grant recipients and academically accomplished. Up to $5,000 are awarded to the students receiving this scholarship.


The David L Boren Scholarships: Recipients of this scholarship are required to work in the Department of Defense or Homeland Security following the course of their study. The scholarship is awarded to only best undergraduates and graduates. Preference is given to those students who are seriously considering long-term careers in the federal government. Up to $26,000 are awarded for scholarships.



College Scholarships in Dubai

The Marie Wright Scholarship for Non-Traditional Locations: The Marie Wright Scholarship is for Non-Traditional Locations. The programme is specifically designed to reward those studying in far-flung areas where Western students are just now making news. Candidates are chosen for academic merit and programme design.

The Charles B Rangel International Affairs Fellowships: The scholarships are awarded for a combination of travel and tuition expenses for up to $ 28,000. This scholarship let a student study in a range of locations including the UAE. Candidates belonging to minorities, financially weak sections and are academically talented are given preference.

The American University in Dubai: American students studying a wide range of disciplines can take the opportunity to experience the UAE for a semester or a year.

William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Scholarships: The scholarship is for students interested in international affairs or Middle Eastern culture and language. The scholarship is offered through the American University in Dubai.

  •    Please am from Ghana and am wishing to apply for scholarship to study aviation in Dubai.Can you help me please? Thank you.
    Millicent Ofori Acquah, 28-03-2017 Reply
  •    I'm from Malaysia and I'm wishing to apply for the scholarship. Can anyone advice? Thanks.
    Amirah AhmadNuddin, 22-03-2017 Reply
  •      hey! i m waziri Haruna usman . i m from Nigeria and wishing of study in abroad for higher education .i would love to study USA if i will get chance to study i will try my best for that particular exam . i need this scholarship so bad ... and its my dream to be there even after financial problems and i hope and i know that i can .
    waziri Haruna Usman, 22-02-2017 Reply
  •    How do I apply for the schorlaship?
    ojo janet oluwakemi, 13-02-2016 Reply
    Hello Ojo.. I am in UAE and i can help you . Javed Yousaf, 17-04-2016
  •    Am Ramesh from india, i completed B.E Civil Engineering and want to study M.tec in abroad also ready to work. Need scholarship and help, hope you can help me out. Thank you
    Ramesh R, 04-12-2015 Reply
  •    Hi I'm a mosotho woman from Lesotho and I would love to study abroad so i wanted to know of how do i get a scholarship to study
    Ntsoaki, 29-09-2015 Reply
  •    Hiiii sir/madam I m from India and I just passed civil engineering final exam and I want to go Dubai for and also want to work there so please I need full scholarship for if there is opportunity for me than please inform me on my mail :- or mob:- +917098927236
    MD TOUSIF RAJDAN, 02-09-2015 Reply
  •    Hey, im looking for full scholarship for my MBA. IS THERE ANY ?
    Jolie, 27-08-2015 Reply
  •    hello, how can i get a full scholarship for the fall 2015 , i jsut graduated from high school , and I'm looking for a full scholarship my email :
    salma siddig, 13-08-2015 Reply
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  •    Sir/Madam i am Bilon Lawoti and i am looking forward for pursuing my MBA in Dubai and not before 2016 july and i am from Nepal. it's because of recent Earthquake disaster i am too one of the victim. i am not begging but if you could help me to fulfill my desire of getting quality education and dream for working and pursue career at Dubai. Please reach me at - at your convenience. Thanks and Regards
    Bilon lawoti, 08-06-2015 Reply
  •    Warmest wishes from Nepal...sir could you tell me please how to apply for any scholarship MBA program provided here in Dubai or other Middle east affiliated university?Neither me nor my family is available to are able to afford. Could you help me please any information on the procedure and documents that i should provide in order to get scholarship. My email ID is
    Mohammad Naushad, 21-05-2015 Reply
  •    Sir ..please me what .. Percentage should be required for scholarship ... To .. do b tech there and please some information about that if I m in 1st year b tech course .. Then u will take me in 2nd year there .... Sir plz give me information about fee structure too .. Plz address . Or please call me at +917500003022 thankew
    Yojesh, 16-05-2015 Reply
  •    Dear, I am from India .I am belong to a poor family .I am coming to Dubai for our thank to you for call to me...any information visit to and +919671548734
    yogesh, 05-05-2015 Reply
  •    hi, sir please give me more information about medical scholarship in Dubai. i compeletd in zoology from India. i wish to apply Ph.d there... i need schorlaship to continue my study ... so please send me further details nd process.. about it .. My email address is ..... thank u
    sarita, 24-04-2015 Reply
  •    Salamalakun sir I humbly requested u now I m studying diploma in civil engineering after that I means my further study like b tech I want to b tech but I haven't money to do it so please sir do something for me so that I can do b tech . If u give me money and when my study is finished after that I work that time I can give ur money as a brother n our religion is same so I requested to you I am waiting your reply sir allah is great sir I believe u can give me opportunity sir ......... khudahafij .
    jauwad alam, 19-04-2015 Reply
  •    hello, please send me more about the Fashion Design Courses in Dubai . I am A management student from Sudan and i finished my study and i studied M.Sc for International Public Relation I have not been able to enter my number in the application form for more in formation, I ask you here please send me in my e-mail is
    Nairoz, 04-03-2015 Reply
  •    Hello,please send me more informtion about a medical scholarship in Dubai. I am a medical student from Germany and finished my first two years of sudies.I studied medicine at RSU,Latvia. Since I have not been able to enter my number in the application form for more in formation, I ask you here. My email address is: Thanks in advance.
    Linda Maringa, 05-02-2015 Reply
  •    excellent. i wish to apply for my masters program. i am a Medical Laboratory Scientist.
    ATUH MARIUS NDUM, 10-11-2014 Reply
  •    I really love computer engineering and I would love to study in a Cameroonian
    Asmauo Tatinyuy, 19-10-2014 Reply
  •    Assalanun allaykum muslim am mr abdoulie boye liev in the gambia west africa am 32 years old single working at the gambia telecommunication compant ltd as transmission engineering at the department of core network. am now in india studying advances diploma in networking ,sponsor by the indian gorverment itec mohe . and would like to have a scholarship from the dubai MOHE to study networking in computer science .... viber -+2209828923
    abdoulie boye, 07-09-2014 Reply
    abdoulie boye, 07-09-2014 Reply
  •    Warmest wishes from Kyrgyzstan!Could you please tell me how could I apply for any scholarships provided here? is there any chance for me as an international student to get a scholarship for studying in Dubai? Recently I got accepted by one of the universities in Dubai but unfortunately neither me nor my family are able to afford my studies MA for 2 years in Dubai. I would not like to lose the opportunity to study in Dubai, as I'm ego to study something new in a totally different environment. Could you please advice and help me to accomplish mt desire with continuing my education? Please share with me the information on procedures and documents that I should provide in order for me to get scholarship? Are there any state's scholarships for international students? thanks in advance, Aziza
    Aziza Artykova, 31-08-2014 Reply
  •    Assalamu alaikum. i am 22 years old. im persuing my biotechnology in india ,M.P. i need scholarship to continue my education in dubai plz help me by sending a details information about e-mail id-
    Roji Begum, 20-07-2014 Reply
  •    Assalamu'alaikum. i'm 21 years old. Now, I'm studying Marketing Communication at University in Indonesia. I need scholarship to continue my school, majoring communication in UAE. Please send me the complete details how i can get the scholarship in UAE. thank you very much my mail :
    baiturrahman, 01-06-2014 Reply
  •    i am just completing my masters in biotechnology from India , i am planning for PHD in my field , so please sent me the details how i can got admission with scholarship in UAE and other countries please sent me the complete details on my email id
    Mohammad Nadeem Ahmad, 15-05-2014 Reply
  •    I have completed B.Tech in Biotechnology,I want to study MASTER'S Research programe in the related field through any scholarship scheme.plz help me in this case and send the complete details on my mail id..i,e,
    AB ROUF WAR, 10-04-2014 Reply
  •    i need scholarship to study maths and science. i have completed my senior school level since then am not able to do any course because of financial situation, so i need scholarship.
    Dembo, 13-03-2014 Reply
  •    i want to do in electrical and i need scholarship
    Usama Shahid, 05-03-2014 Reply
  •    Sir I want to do masters in Electronics and i need scholarship for that. Would you kindly provide me ?
    ANIKET SHIVAJI JANGAM, 13-10-2013 Reply
    SAHR BENZALEL ELLIE, 11-10-2013 Reply
  •    Please i need scholarship to study psychology in high quality help me,my parent cannot afford the tuition fees and other expenses.Please help me out.Thanks.Anticipating your response.expecting to hear from you soonest.
    RAYMOND GAIUS, 07-10-2013 Reply
  •    i need the scholarship so i want to get higher education.
    Md mojahedul islam, 13-09-2013 Reply
  •    please i need schoolarship in telelcomunication engenerine
    Njei Clive Kumbi, 31-08-2013 Reply
  •    i need a scholarship to pursue medicine
    kwawu Godswill, 14-08-2013 Reply
  •    i had completed my bca with 79% of marks and i am searching scholarship for masters in computer science
    sandip bhandari, 14-08-2013 Reply
  •    I am a Hotel Management graduate with experience in Customer Services and planning to do MBA in Hospitality Managament. Kindly suggest.......
    Vishal Sharma, 12-08-2013 Reply
  •    HI ! i want to study get Scholarships BA for continue my study because my family very poor can not give me to get study as i want i just want to get knowledge and job for my life . please let me get this occasion . i very thank to you..... Please contact my mail if you agree . my mail
    khun sreypich, 12-08-2013 Reply
  •    I want to take admission in MBA but i belong to a poor family so i need the scholarship
    mahendar, 21-07-2013 Reply
    Rabiya, 20-06-2013 Reply
  •    Hello there Im an African Lady from Namibia and i would love to study aviation in DUBAI but i need financial asssistance, (scholarship) i do not have anyone to help as i lost both my parents and am from a poor background. what should i do? Thank you Lydia
    Lydia, 09-06-2013 Reply
  •    I want to do master in computer science from Dubai/Middle East.What should I do?
    Imad jaweed, 03-05-2013 Reply
  •    i want to take admission in b s w and ll b but i belong to poor family so i need to scholarship i
    A N Abdul Haiye Siddiquea, 18-04-2013 Reply
  •    i want to take admission in aviation and travel ,hospitality but i belong to poor family and i don't have my mom. i teach students so that i am capable to complete my 12th.i want to do higher study in dubai so that i can make my brother's future.....
    vedika shukla, 09-04-2013 Reply
  •     I want to take admission in MBA but i belong to a poor family so i need the scholarship
    Mohammad Nadeem, 09-03-2013 Reply
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