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French Government offers various scholarships


LLe De France region offer scholarship to students arriving first time in France


BEM Management School offers financial aid to the students with high merit.

As a student you need not to worry for the financial support as the French government and many institutions offer various scholarships. From institutional to regional and government scholarships to corporate scholarships, there are many opportunities to try your luck on. The list of the scholarships is given below:


French government scholarships:


The Charpak Scholarship of Excellence Programmes: The scholarship is offered by French Embassy in India to students and research scholars from graduate to PhD levels.

French Embassy-Krishna Kriti Foundation co-founded scholarships for Fine Arts: The two scholarships are offered jointly by Krishna Kriti Foundation, Hyderabad and the French Embassy in India for the students looking forward for admission in Art schools in France.

French Embassy-Neemrana Music Foundation co-financed scholarships for Music: The two scholarships are offered jointly by Neemrana Music Foundation, Delhi and the French Embassy in India. The scholarships are offered to any person having a high expertise in Musicwhich may include singing, lyrics and has an admission from an institute or university in France in a recognised programme.

Eiffel Scholarship Programme: The scholarship is offered by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The scholarship is offered through the administering agency EGIDE to the students in the field of Engineering, Management, Political Science and Law.


Institutional Scholarships:


Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarship: The Emily Boutmy scholarship by Sciences Po to top students whose profiles match with the admission priorities of the institution. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of excellence and according to the type of profile sought for the programme applied by a student.

BEM International Scholarships: BEM Management School offers financial aid to the students with high merit. The scholarship is available for all BEM Masters degree.

ESSEC Business School Scholarship Programme: The business school is situated in Paris and Singapore, awards scholarship to outstanding candidates (number of students can vary for each academic year) who are pursuing MSc in Management.

Ecole Polytechnique Scholarships: The foundation of Ecole Polytechnique has launched a scholarship programme from 2012-13 wherein the institute will be awarding the outstanding students of Master’s programme.

Ecole de Mines de Nantes Scholarships: The scholarships are for students pursuing MSc in Nuclear Energy by European Foundation for the Energies of Tomorrow (EDF/FEED). The scholarships will be awarded on an excellence criterion by the award committee.

IESEG School of Management: The school is one of the top 10 business schools in France. The school is situated in Lille and Paris and offers scholarships on the basis of merit. The scholarships help students in getting 25% to 50% rebate in tuition fee.

IPB: Bordeaux Institute of Technology: The Graduate School of Engineering for Chemistry, Biology and Physics in Bordeaux (ENSCBP) which is the part of Bordeaux Institute of Technology in collaboration with Astrium (world leader in Space industry) offers Joussot-Dubien award to students pursuing Chemistry or Food Sciences in a country other than France after one year of studies at ENSCBP.

Rouen Business School scholarship programme: The school awards up to €1300 for the students with excellence. The scholarship is offered to students admitted to Master of Science programmes which include MSc in International Project Development, MSc in Marketing French Excellence, MSc in Global Management and MSc in Finance. The school also offers €10,000 worth scholarship to the students pursuing international MBA.

University of Strasburg: The University offers PhD position with a fixed salary of €1630/month. The basic criterion for a non-French candidate is to have a Masters degree in Physics or Material Science.


Corporate Scholarships:


GDF SUEZ-MEEA co-financed scholarship: The scholarship is co-financed by the French Ministry of External and European Affairs (MEEA) and GDF SUEZ. The scholarship is offered to students who are nationals of India, Brazil, China and Lebanon.

Orange MAEE co-financed scholarship: The scholarship is offered by The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs European (MAEE) and Orange (France Telecom group) to students pursuing Masters programme in Engineering which may include electronics, computer science, telecommunication and IT. The scholarship is also offered to the students of particular institutes which are ISEP, PARISTECH, and ESIGELEC.

Michelin-French Institute India co-financed scholarship: The scholarship is co-financed by the Michelin and French Institute in India in order to aid students with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology who are looking forward to pursue Masters Degree in France.


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship:

The Erasmus Mundus commission have partnered with various universities of European Union and provide aid to students pursuing Masters degree. The amount for Indian students is €24,000 per year. The amount may vary depending on the duration of the course.


Regional Scholarship:

LLe De France region offers scholarship to students who are arriving to France for the first time. The €10,500 worth scholarship is offered to the students of 16 different countries including India.

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