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Over 2,000 post graduates who are pursuing master's in any field can apply


students with highest academic ability and outstanding examination results.


students from LOS are awarded a Presidential Achievement Scholarship PAS

Students from all over the world use scholarships to pay for studies in the U.K each year. The British government funds many grants, scholarships, and fellowships for various institutions and fields of study. There are many scholarships provided to students if they are wanting to study in the U.K. Institutions, Organizations offer funding schemes to help students to pay the fee and the cost of living in the U.K.

Top Scholarships for studying in U.K

British Government: British Government offers a scholarship for promising leaders through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Over 2,000 post graduates who are pursuing master's degrees in any field can apply. However, the courses they take should be relevant to the development of their country, and their home country must have an economic affiliation with the United Kingdom.

Reach Oxford Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Country Students: A number of Oxford Colleges offer Reach Oxford Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Country Students to students from developing countries for political and financial reasons. All undergraduate students can study all the subjects except medicine.

The scholarship includes university/ college fee, full grant of living in U.K , also provided the return flight to the U.K at the start and end of the course.This scholarship is suitable for candidates of the highest academic ability who have outstanding examination results.

Brendish Family Foundation Scholarships: This Masters scholarship represent outstanding opportunities for Indian Students with a keen interest in health, education or clinical practice. To apply in this scheme you must be a national of India who has not previously studied or resided for more than one year in the UK, you must also meet the entry requirements to study a masters programme at the IOE. ( Institute of Education which is a public research university in U.K specialized in post graduate study and research in the field of education ).

Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship: Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship is awarded to students in economically disadvantaged cities.This program is community-based rather than individually-based. Accordingly, a fixed number of scholarships are set aside for each LOS high school and awarded to its most deserving students.

Many students from LOS high schools are awarded a Presidential Achievement Scholarship (PAS). The PAS is similar to LOS in its aims of bringing under-represented students to Austin but uses a broader adversity index than LOS and applies it to individuals as opposed to high schools.

How to get the scholarship you want?

There are many things that a student can do to increase chances to get a scholarship in the UK. Every applicant is different just as every school has different requirements for granting scholarships to international students. When you apply for a scholarship, schools will rarely grant that scholarship based on a single qualification but will base their decision.

Many UK colleges offer aid to foreign undergraduate students. Some schools do offer scholarships for international students, or have special programs to help foreign students / international students.

The universities receive thousands of scholarship applications on a daily basis. So to them, what they receive is merely a bundle of information and numbers. The only other option for them to really know you well is through an interview and personal discussion and that is not always feasible. So how do you make your application for a scholarship stand out? Through your scholarship application.

  • Research well: The best to do when looking for a scholarship is to visit the university’s/ college’s own website and find out details and eligibility criteria and the procedure to apply for one.. write, call or e-mail the provider of the scholarships and get full information. Take care to gather as much information as you can about the company, its philosophy and its goals offering you the scholarship and then carefully make your application.
  • Beware of scams: Always remember that you should never pay for scholarship search. So agencies asking for the same are trying to rip you apart!
  • Eligibility: Always check the eligibility of a scholarship before applying for it. You don’t want to ruin your chances of getting through to that college/ availing that scholarship again!
  • Make it personal: every year admission council goes through thousands of application. Make your application unique & interesting to get the attention of the admission committee
  • Highlight your research experience and scientific interests: One thing everyone judges from ur application is how committed and convinced you are to study a particular course. If you don’t sound convincing, you will not hear from them.

  •     Honourable sir/miss, recently I have completed my 12th and now I want study in usa or uk (abroad) for my further studies in the field of medicine. I want to be a engeenearing cours and specialist in IT cours but as I know that my family background is not so good so I need and I want scholarship for my further studies. So if I am eligible and if yu can provide me scholarship then I will be highly obliget will give me the foundation I need to build a better me, and enable me to become a person who makes a difference in this world. Also it will help me to reduce a bit of parent’s financial burden. All in all, I have reached this stage now and really want to learn more & worthwhile. I wish to “Contribute” in the field, not “Add”. I hope, learning at your esteemed institute would spark off my future contributions as it has earned that fame. (email id:
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  •     Honourable sir/miss, recently I have completed my 12th and now I want study in usa or uk (abroad) for my further studies in the field of medicine. I want to be a doctor and specialist in surgery but as I know that my family background is not so good so I need and I want scholarship for my further studies. So if I am eligible and if yu can provide me scholarship then I will be highly oblige. So please contact me at
    Xeeshan Ali, 19-06-2015 Reply
  •    I want to mba in top university in may i know abt the top universities
    suresh, 21-05-2015 Reply
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    rohit sharma n, 21-04-2015 Reply
  •    Hello sir ..i am ishfaq Ahmad from Kashmir .i am pursuing bachelors degree in civil engineering and its my 3rd year . Now I want to do masters degree in the said field and also I do not belong to a royal family but to a middle class family please guide me how to take admission in Uk.
    Ishfaq Ahmad, 25-01-2015 Reply
  •    hiii I m Shivangi I m from India.I m persuing BCA, and i want to do MSCIT so i m belonge middle class family so i want scholership from studying there.
    shivangi gondaliya, 28-09-2014 Reply
  •    I am VIJIL K from india i have completed graduation in b com i would like study in uk but my family background is very low . what can i do for get my dream could you please help me my mob number is 9746909114 & my e mail id is pls contact me
    VIJIL K, 06-08-2014 Reply
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  •    Hi myself Pavithraa. I have completed mine B.E in Computer Science and Engineering.I wolud like to pursue mine P.G M.S in IT.Pleaase say me about the scholarships. i have got 80% in U.G.Mine mail id is
    Pavithraa.G, 03-07-2014 Reply
  •    I am Surabhi D from India. I have applied to UK Universities for Masters in Architecture and have already received offer letters from few of them. I intent this scholarship because I have the ability to follow through with all the hard works it will take to achieve my dreams and my goals. I believe in myself and I believe, with this scholarship, it will give me the foundation I need to build a better me, and enable me to become a person who makes a difference in this world. Also it will help me to reduce a bit of parent’s financial burden. All in all, I have reached this stage now and really want to learn more & worthwhile. I wish to “Contribute” in the field, not “Add”. I hope, learning at your esteemed institute would spark off my future contributions as it has earned that fame. (email id :
    Surabhi Dhopeshwarkar, 27-04-2014 Reply
    muktadir ahmed, 19-04-2014 Reply
  •    is it really possible to study in uk .my number is 8285226030
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  •    I am Meera from India...i am planning to do my bachelors in Business Management from London. But it seems to be very expensive. I would be glad if i get a scholarship which would be a great financial help. But i have no idea what type of scholarship would suit me and who can provide me with the perfect scholarship. I will complete my 12th in April 2014 and my results would be declared in May. If any one can pls guide me. My id is
    meera sankaran, 25-02-2014 Reply
  •    I AM SUPRIYA, i am doing M TECH in CS, i am interseing in to do P HD in UK with scholoship plz support me can guide on which way i can get the funding , my M TECH will complete on may 2015, so plz guide my mail id is
    supriya mahakur, 23-02-2014 Reply
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  •    hi I am pradeep ,frm AP INDIA, I hav pursuing diploma in anaesthesia technology , I hav intrested to do pg in anaesthesia technology in uk with scholorship support pls help me.
    pradeep, 05-02-2014 Reply
  •    hi i am pursuing my bachelors degree in bachelors in optometry from bits.i am doing my internship.i want to apply for MSC optometry program in any of UK universities with scholarship.So please help me how to apply for scholarship from uk and eligibility criteria .my mail id is
    fareed, 05-02-2014 Reply
  •    hi..iam sindhu i want to do my btech in u.k and i want schlarship for it .my mail id is
    sindhu, 29-01-2014 Reply
    really i want to 1 aeat from ur collg mohammed, 05-04-2014
  •    hi i am pursuing bachelors in hotel management from calcutta. i am in my final semester . i would like to apply for full scholarship for my post-graduate study in the culinary arts in uk and i would like the best and recognized college . please help me find suitable scholarships and how to apply for the same . my mail id is
    deeksha sibal, 26-01-2014 Reply
  •    hi i am deepak i have completed my BE in 2010 and working since then. I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering. I want to know whether there is age limit for scholarships.and how to apply MS in uk universites mail id :
    Deepak Kumar Chandra sekaran, 18-01-2014 Reply
  •    hiii , i am deepu. i want to machnical engeenering from email id is help me friends and give more information.....thanks
    deepu tiwari, 05-01-2014 Reply
  •    i want to do ph.d in nanaotechnology from u.k ....please help me to know about the id is
    SREELAKSHMI K V, 01-01-2014 Reply
  •    i want to study abroad on scholarship so what i have to do.
    navneet, 29-12-2013 Reply
  •    i want to study in abroad on scholarship, so what i hve 2 do,
    navneet, 29-12-2013 Reply
  •    i have a dream to study in uk on the full sport of scholarship programme
    RAMEEZ AHMAD, 22-12-2013 Reply
  •    this information is really helpful!!
    Srishti, 05-12-2013 Reply
  •    Hi my friends i would like to study aviation in UK....
    mohammedfasil, 23-11-2013 Reply
  •    Hi my friend I need a scholarship to study in the UK and get Ph.D in fishery I am try to complete my PG program in Water Science and Technology and I do not no the way out to get funding or which university to apply to for this scholarship so please help to shore me the precede to apply.
    Gregory M. Kpowulu, 22-11-2013 Reply
    i think that you should check the list on the first page... INGABIRE OMERY, 08-03-2014
  •    i have discontinue my 12 because i got married ,i want to continue my education in ukk plz provide me a useful information from which i can get scholarship too,i did a one year course in fashion designing ,
    shaika, 09-11-2013 Reply
  •    Hi..I am doing my final year Computer Science & Engineering in India and I would like to do my masters in Business Management ! Someone please inform me about the various scholarships available in U.K ??
    Shilu Sara, 30-10-2013 Reply
  •    Hi i'm looking for the masters in music studio, Right now i persuading my MBA in Event Management can anyone suggest me how to get scholarship for study in uk.... and info. of colleges.
    Anand HN Andy, 30-10-2013 Reply
  •    Hi , I am looking for MBA in Finance in UK, Have more than 3 years of work experience in Investment Banking. Can someone tell me list of universities where i can apply
    Amit Laxmichand Maru, 27-10-2013 Reply
  •    i have completed my BE in 2001 and working since then. I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering. There are some banks who have age limit criteria for education loan. I want to know whether there is age limit criteria for scholarship also.
    kanchan bhosale, 13-10-2013 Reply
  •    give me a breif explanation
    DIVY DIVAKER SINGH CHAUHAN, 02-10-2013 Reply
  •     HELLO sir My nameis ABHIJITH PY.i m a diploma student.i want to do my engineering in UK.will u please help me out. i want to know about fee structure, scholarship tests and formalities, working permission. Please reply on my email U SIR....
    Abhijith Py, 30-09-2013 Reply
  •    hi, i m krutika persuing BACHELOR OF DESIGNING from NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY bangalore.I want to do my post grad in MASTERS OF LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT from uk. I m about to complete my degree in may 2014.I want to avail full scholorship.kindly help.reach to me at . thnks
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    M.mohammed raffe, 19-09-2013 Reply
  •    hi i want more study but my condition not good at present i do job in merchant navy
    mahesh kumar dixit, 17-09-2013 Reply
  •    am doing my barch nw hw am i supposed to apply 4 the scholarship thingi if i wanna do my masters in uk?
    aysha dilruba, 16-09-2013 Reply
  •    now i am doing my graduation in political science (first year) i want to take admission in cambridge university kindlly tell me how i get admission ? (in master when i done my graduation)
    shabnam, 07-09-2013 Reply
  •    i have done from uptu india and having 2 years work experience want to do master from uk i need scholarship please provide me information
    sarvesh pratap singh, 04-09-2013 Reply
  •    i have completed my b-pharm with 73% in india. i m planing for master in uk. can i get scolarship.
    sapa nasrin ilyas, 02-09-2013 Reply
  •    I have completed my U.G. in Civil Engineering and have 10 years of working experience. Now I want to pursue Masters at U.K. Should I get scholarship assistance and how? Can I take my wife and daughter along with me?
    Koushik Sengupta, 29-08-2013 Reply
  •    now i am doing BE in final year and i had 60% of marks and i also eligible for scholarship are what?????????
    basavaraj n k, 23-08-2013 Reply
  •    I am graduated in commerce and i want to get scholarship kindly tell me the procedure to apply.
    haji, 21-08-2013 Reply
  •    i want to became a lawyer an need scholarship help me out
    kirti Tokas, 15-08-2013 Reply
  •    thanku so much
    kirti Tokas, 15-08-2013 Reply
  •     I want to do a specialization in Information Technology? What kind of scholarships are available for me. I am From India
    Uday Kumar Daida, 08-08-2013 Reply
  •    I want to do a specialization in mba? What kind of scholarships are available for me i have been working in an NGO for an year now
    Srishtie, 05-08-2013 Reply
  •    i want to do M.A ENGLISH OR M.A.PSYCHOLOGY IN U.K , i wanna know how to apply ad i wanna know much is a term fee . scholorship ad all.
    md.kaleemullah, 05-08-2013 Reply
  •    i want to do journalism,media in UK how do i apply for scholarship.i am 12th pass.
    tenzin passang, 03-08-2013 Reply
  •    how much amount in MBA FEES STRUCTURE
    GANESAN, 31-07-2013 Reply
  •    i am swati, (ece) 3rd year student in cutm (odisha).i want scholarship for my further education because my family is very poor.i want know what is the way for apply 4mom scholarship because there is no selection state for india.i am indian. so,i want know it is eligible for indians or not.please replay in my mail....
    baratam swati, 30-07-2013 Reply
    please replay if you know any information regarding this baratam swati, 30-07-2013
    please replay .... C.LALRINDIKA, 11-11-2013
  •     i m studying in 12th by any state board from india.. i have to ask that if i will get 90% in state bord exam from india can i apply for oxford university??????????????
    Tarun Singh Sikarwar, 29-07-2013 Reply
  •    I am a student of geography and i want to do P.hd in geography.. so i want a scholarship. please give me a suitable way...
    jainendra, 24-07-2013 Reply
  •    I have completed my Btech in IT and i wish to study abroad with scholarship. kindly respond .. Sreelekshmi s
    Sreelekshmi S, 24-07-2013 Reply
  •    I would like to pursue a Masters Degree program in the field of Forensic Science.. need info on the colleges, scholarships etc.
    NAGASHRUTHI N, 22-07-2013 Reply
  •    Hi, i have done IT diploma in 2011. and i wanna to do technical degree in abroad and my parents able to do my graduation in UK, so i want full scholarship for my graduation. please help me, i will be very thankful for getting this opportunity.
    menka, 22-07-2013 Reply
  •    i need to have my mbbs in uk and my family position is too bad so please gauide me no 9642553805
    koya sudheer reddy, 21-07-2013 Reply
  •    i have completed b-tech(electronics&communication).i want to study in aboard but my family condition is not able to do ms from uk please some details and i can parttime job for continue study.
    ribha kumari, 19-07-2013 Reply
  •     Hi , Am Mahaling. I have completed my UG in Electronic and Communication Engg.I would like to continue my studies in abroad.Due to my family conditions i was not able to do my PG.I would like to get full scholarship to do my PG. Am ready to work in part time jobs .I will be very thankful if i get a opportunity to continue my please help me and this is my contact No.9738286579 and email
    MAHALINGAPPA M ROLLI, 19-07-2013 Reply
  •    Hi I'm Prasanna, I've completed my PG & M.Phil. Now very actively looking for a Scholarship based PhD. or Research oriented Position at Any UK university. I kindly request you provide valid information provide me an opportunity to study & do my Job at UK.
    PRASANNA KANCHI BHAT, 19-07-2013 Reply
    Plz do send me details about my query to my mail ID: PRASANNA KANCHI BHAT, 19-07-2013
  •    Hi , Am sai priya. I have completed my UG in Advanced zoology and Biotechnology .I Love my subject very much.I would like to continue my studies in Biotechnology.Due to my family conditions i was not able to do my PG.I would like to get full scholarship to do my PG. Am ready to work in part time jobs .I will be very thankful if i get a opportunity to continue my studies.
    V SAIPRIYA, 14-07-2013 Reply
  •    i want to do MASTERS(Aerospace engineering) in U.K . i want scholarship.. please gimme the details how to avail , as im planning to go this sept. this is my contact-9177084846.. n mail
    srikanth, 13-07-2013 Reply
  •    I want to study law from UK with full support of scholarship. I am studying in class 11. .
    Kartik saini, 11-07-2013 Reply
  •    i want to in uk with full help of scholarship
    MOHD KASIM KHAN, 09-07-2013 Reply
  •    i want to mtech cs any college and provide the scolership in study time
    lakshman ji, 27-06-2013 Reply
    Roshan khatate, 07-06-2013 Reply
  •    i vandana trehan, completed my 12th class last year, i want my under graduation from abroad.
    vandana trehan, 05-06-2013 Reply
  •    I am in 10th now. I want to do my under graduation from UK. So which way to step forward?
    Noopur, 24-05-2013 Reply
  •    I want to do BBA course in oxford university with scholarship. I have compleated 12th in 2nd it possible for me to study in uk.
    johnson subash, 19-05-2013 Reply
  •    i want to join oxford university
    Tenzin Yonten, 29-04-2013 Reply
  •    i need a mony for doing b s w course plz halp me my contact number 9401416240
    A N Abdul Haiye Siddiquea, 18-04-2013 Reply
  •    hello i am robleh abdourahman abdillahi , i have completed my 12th so i want to join UK university and my subject is bachelor dental science (BDS)with all due respect sir /madame can i join uk university and i am serously want to do this course with my futur and I eagerly await your response
    Robleh Abdourahman Abdillhai, 12-04-2013 Reply
  •    Hey I am going to complete my 12th next year, and then I want to join a University in UK which provides me subjects like : Software or IT Engineering. Can you suggest me which University should I go for and how much percent I need to score to be eligible.? I am clear with what i want to do with my future the question is Where....??
    Harsh, 11-04-2013 Reply
  •    i need a mony for doing a professional courses pleace help me. ny contact number 8957057903
    salman abbas, 08-04-2013 Reply
  •    i am confused about this how much percentage is required in order to get scholarship? in 12 std to get into a medical college aboard
    vastavikta dhar, 05-03-2013 Reply
  •    i need to study medicals in abroad. please help me.
    sherfun s, 01-03-2013 Reply
  •     I need to do professional courses in abroad please help me out
    SHAIKH ABDUL HAMID, 23-01-2013 Reply
  •    I need to do PHD in abroad please help me out
    puneeth, 08-01-2013 Reply
    Hi Mr. Puneeth, It is very difficult to say unless ur qualifications experience, and desired country. Please do feel free to contact me @ 9703377798 for more information. Venkat Ram Reddy, 16-01-2013
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